Kitex v0.5.0 版本发布



1. Fallback 功能: 支持 Client 侧的 Fallback 功能

业务在 RPC 请求失败后通常会有一些降级措施保证有效返回(比如在请求超时、熔断后,构造默认返回),Kitex 的 Fallback 支持对所有异常请求进行处理。 同时,因为业务异常通常会通过 BaseResp 字段返回,所以也支持对 Resp 进行处理。详见 Fallback

2. Kitex - gRPC:Client 增加 TLS 的配置

通过 client.WithGRPCTLSConfig option 配置。

3. Kitex - 工具


1. 负载均衡:使用权重轮询作为默认 Loadbalance 策略

旧版本默认使用权重随机做 Loadbalance,Random 可以做到全局的均衡,但在服务端实例较少的情况下,随机有较大概率连续访问一个实例,导致下游节点最大并发请求数增加,所以新版本将默认策略调整为轮询。 详见:负载均衡

2. 连接池协程问题

旧版本在使用长连接时,每个 client 对应一个协程资源清理连接,在 client 较多时会导致协程过多,新版本改为共享协程避免 goroutine 数量随着 client 数量增长。


升级 frugal, pid 库依赖以支持 go 1.20。



  • [#840] feat(fallback): support fallback ability for kitex client-side, usage guide refer to Fallback
  • [#841] feat(tool): add GetResult() and GetFirstArgument() methods for service params of protobuf
  • [#791] feat(tool): merge two ways of passing extensions, to support two ways at sametime
  • [#797] feat(loadbalance): use smooth weighted round robin algo as default Loadbalance policy
  • [#760] feat(grpc): support TLS config in kitex grpc client
  • [#781] feat(tool): supports custom templates
  • [#783] feat(ttheader): add encode logic for gdpr token in TransInfo
  • [#775] feat(tool): support custom generate path
  • [#687] feat(tool): add protoc plugin flag


  • [#750] optimize(generic): generic call write zero value for required and default fields to meet the specification of apache thrift and keep consistent with normal thrift encode of Kitex.
  • [#739] optimize(generic): modify the url routing to align with Hertz for HTTP generic call
  • [#752] optimize(ttheader): attach part of ttheader binary into error when readKVInfo failed, which is useful for troubleshooting
  • [#821] optimize(config): add DeepCopy() & Equals() to circuitbreaker.CBConfig and retry.Policy
  • [#827] optimize: revise the remoteInfo of retry call, using the remoteInfo of the RPCCall that returns
  • [#762] optimize(tool): add go mod auto replace to thrift 0.13 in thrift mode
  • [#755] optimize: improve client error msg when ctx cancel or timeout
  • [#756] optimize: use sync.Cond as the profiler event trigger
  • [#753] optimize: add recover for client’s Close


  • [#734] fix(retry): fix the panic problem caused by concurrent read and write of rpcinfo under backup retry
  • [#837 #842] fix(metahandler): adjust MetainfoHandler to the top of the MetaHandlers array to ensure that the logic of custom MetaHandlers that depends on MetainfoHandler works
  • [#812] fix: use detectionHandler to perform protocol detection in windows environment to support gRPC
  • [#851] fix: upgrade frugal to v0.1.6 for missing stop field
  • [#845] fix: fix the problem that RPCStat report status as success when biz handler return err
  • [#822] fix(loadbalance): don’t share balancer factory when loadbalance is defined by user
  • [#732] fix(mux): mux server waits for shardqueue close before shutdown
  • [#795] fix(grpc): zero first byte of grpc data frame, which could be random data from mcache
  • [#668] fix: fix race problem in queue.go/queue @dugenkui03
  • [#743] fix: use sharedTicker for long conn pool to prevent goroutine numbers increase as the number of client increases
  • [#799] fix(util): should return when get at least one GOPATH @StellarisW
  • [#807] fix(codec): fix fastpb nil ptr when struct fields are all default values
  • [#794] fix(tool): fix fastpb codegen by updating dependency
  • [#787] fix(tool): the import did not use the new method to render when template append content
  • [#785] fix(tool): remove useless combine service files
  • [#754] fix: fix the usage of metainfo in grpc scene


  • [#814 #843] refactor(trans): return error in onRead of defaultServerHandler and close conn in outer method
  • [#816] refactor(utils): add utils.GetEnvLogDir and deprecate utils.GetLogDir

Test & Docs & Chore

  • [#839 #693] test: import mockey repo and add usage demo of mockey unit test
  • [#806] test(transmeta):add some test cases for tansmeta package
  • [#761] docs: update @fuergaosi233
  • [#817, #832] chore: upgrade dependency lib to adapt go 1.20
  • [#772] chore: modify kitex gen code meta file name from kitex.yaml to kitex_info.yaml