Pilota is a Thrift and Protobuf implementation in pure rust with high performance and extensibility.

Pilota Supported Annotations

Currently, annotations are only supported for thrift idl.


You can use pilota.name to specify an alias for generating rust code, for example:

const string id = "id" (pilota.name="LANG_ID");
// will use LANG_ID to generate the corresponding structure
// pub const LANG_ID: &'static str = "id";

struct Test {
     1: required string ID,
     2: required string Id (pilota.name="hello"), // hello will be used instead of id as the field name of the Rust structure


Currently thrift’s string will generate FastStr with better performance by default, but FastStr does not support modification (but it can be modified after to_string). If you need to use the native String type, you need to add pilota.rust_type = "string" annotation:

struct A {
     1: required string faststr,
     2: required string string(pilota. rust_type = "string"),


Arc wrapper can be added to the specified field type. If the field is a container type such as list map set, then an Arc wrapper will be added to the innermost type of the container.

struct TEST {
     1: required A Name2(pilota.rust_wrapper_arc="true"), // will generate Arc<A>
     2: required list<list<A>> Name2(pilota.rust_wrapper_arc="true"), // will generate Vec<Vec<Arc<A>>>
     3: required map<i32, list<A>> Name3(pilota.rust_wrapper_arc="true"), // will generate Map<i32, Vec<Arc<A>>>

service TestService {
    TEST(pilota.rust_wrapper_arc="true") test(1: TEST req(pilota.rust_wrapper_arc="true"));

How to write a Plugin

Why Plugin is needed

Add some customized meta information for Pilota according to IDL generated Struct and other types.

For example, in order to add #[derive(serde::Serialize, serde::Deserialize]).

How to write a Plugin

#[derive(Clone, Copy)]
struct SerdePlugin;

impl pilota_build::Plugin for SerdePlugin {
    fn on_item(
        &mut self,
        cx: &mut pilota_build::Context,
        def_id: pilota_build::DefId,  // item 的 def_id
        item: std::sync::Arc<pilota_build::rir::Item>,
    ) {
        match &*item {
            | pilota_build::rir::Item::Enum(_)
            | pilota_build::rir::Item::NewType(_) => cx.with_adjust(def_id, |adj| {
                // Adjust's add_attrs method can add attributes to the Node corresponding to def_id,
                // which will be used to generate code later in the Codegen phase
                adj.add_attrs(&[parse_quote!(#[derive(::serde::Serialize, ::serde::Deserialize)])])
            _ => {}
        pilota_build::plugin::walk_item(self, cx, def_id, item)

Plugin Usage

Pass the plugin method provided by the Builder.


Last modified June 26, 2024 : doc: add construct use case (#1098) (83b7cf9)