Customized Access Control

Kitex provides a simple middleware builder that supports self-defined access control logic to reject requests under certain conditions.

Below is a simple example that randomly rejects 1% of all requests through self-defined access control logic:

package myaccesscontrol

import (

var errRejected = errors.New("1% rejected")

// Implements a judge function.
func reject1percent(ctx context.Context, request interface{}) (reason error) {
    if rand.Intn(100) == 0 {
        return errRejected // an error should be returned when a request is rejected
    return nil

var MyMiddleware = acl.NewACLMiddleware(reject1percent) // create the middleware

Then, you can enable this middleware with WithMiddleware(myaccesscontrol.MyMiddleware) at the creation of a client or a server.

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