Basic Feature

Message Types

Kitex supports message types of PingPong、Oneway、Streaming.

Serialization Protocol

Kitex supports Thrift and Protobuf codec.

Transport Protocol

Kitex supports transport protocols of TTHeader、HTTP2.

Visit Directly

Kitex can opt for direct access without service discovery when the downstream address is clear.

Connection Type

Kitex supports short connections, long connection pool, connection multiplexing and connection pool status monitoring.


Kitex supports RPC timeout and connection timeout, both of which support client-level and invocation-level configurations.


Kitex Exception retry and Backup Request policy Introduction and Usage Guide.


This doc covers LoadBalancer implementation principles and usage guidelines provided by Kitex.

Circuit Breaker

This doc covers Kitex Circuit Breaker use guide and principle introduction.

Rate Limiting

Usage guide for Kitex Default and Custom rate limiting.


Kitex Fallback Introduction and Usage Guide.

Instrumentation Control

Kitex supports flexible enabling of basic and fine-grained Instrumentation.


Kitex supports default logger implementation, injection of custom loggers and redirection of default logger output.

Business Exception

Kitex has provided business custom exceptions since v0.4.3. This doc covers the interface definition, user usage, and framework implementation.