hz access plugin

hz access third-party generated code plugins.

Currently, hz code generation is based on the plugin model of “thriftgo” and “protoc”, which is a great help in accessing some third party plugins, especially for “protoc” which currently supports a rich plugin ecosystem.

So hz provides the means to extend third-party plug-ins.

ThriftGo Plugin


hz new  --idl={YOUR-IDL.thrift} --thrift-plugins={PLUGIN-NAME}

If the plugin needs to pass some options, they are as follows:

hz new --idl={YOUR-IDL.thrift} --thrift-plugins={PLUGIN-NAME}:{YOUR-OPTION1,YOUR-OPTION2}


Currently, thriftgo provides a plugin “thrift-gen-validator” for generating structural parameter validation functions that can be generated along with the model.

  • Install : go install github.com/cloudwego/thrift-gen-validator@latest

  • Use : hz new --idl=idl/hello.thrift --thrift-plugins=validator

  • Code : code

Protoc plugin extension

The code generation location related to the Protoc plugin is related to the go_package of the proto file. For details, please refer to reference.


hz new  --idl={YOUR-IDL.proto} --protoc-plugins={PLUGIN-NAME}

If the plugin needs to pass some options, as follows:

hz new --idl={YOUR-IDL.proto} --protoc-plugins={PLUGIN_NAME}:{OPTION1,OPTION2}:{OUT_DIR} --mod={YOUR_MODULE}


Here is an example of using the hz integration protoc-gen-openapi plugin to generate openapi 3.0 documentation.

  • Install :go install github.com/google/gnostic/cmd/protoc-gen-openapi@latest

  • Define go_package for idl: “middleware/hertz/biz/model/psm”

  • Usage : hz new -I=idl --idl=idl/hello/hello.proto --protoc-plugins=openapi::./docs --mod=middleware/hertz

  • Code : code

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