Unit Test

A good project can’t be built without unit tests. To help users build good projects, hertz of course provides unit testing tools.

The principle is similar to that of golang httptest, both of them just execute ServeHTTP without going through the network and return the response after execution.


import (



func TestPerformRequest(t *testing.T) {
   router := route.NewEngine(config.NewOptions([]config.Option{}))
   router.GET("/hey/:user", func(ctx context.Context, c *app.RequestContext) {
      user := c.Param("user")
      assert.DeepEqual(t, "close", c.Request.Header.Get("Connection"))
      c.JSON(201, map[string]string{"hi": user})

   w := ut.PerformRequest(router, "GET", "/hey/hertz", &ut.Body{bytes.NewBufferString("1"), 1},
      ut.Header{"Connection", "close"})
   resp := w.Result()
   assert.DeepEqual(t, 201, resp.StatusCode())
   assert.DeepEqual(t, "{\"hi\":\"hertz\"}", string(resp.Body()))

For more examples, refer to the unit test file in pkg/common/ut.