Functions related to the request context.

Request Context RequestContext is a context used to save HTTP requests and set HTTP responses. It provides many convenient API interfaces to help users develop.

Hertz provides both a standard context.Context and a RequestContext as input parameters for the HandlerFunc design. Function signature is:

type HandlerFunc func(c context.Context, ctx *RequestContext)

Context Passing and Concurrency Security

Metadata Storage

Both contexts have the ability to store values, and there is a simple basis for choosing which context to use: the lifecycle of the stored value and the chosen context should match.

ctx is mainly used to store request level variables, which are reclaimed upon completion of the request. It’s characteristics are high query efficiency (with the underlying map), unsafe coroutines, and no implementation of the context.Context interface.

c is passed as a context between middleware /handler. it is coroutine security. For all places that require the context.Context interface as input parameters, simply pass c directly.

concurrent security

In addition, if there are scenarios where ctx is passed asynchronously or used concurrently, hertz also provides the ctx.Copy() interface, which makes it easy for the business to get a coprocess-safe copy.


The functions related to the request in RequestContext.


The functions related to the response in RequestContext.