CloudWeGo Enterprise Use Case

CloudWeGo focuses on real enterprise users with a support and maintenance mechanism. As of now, CloudWeGo has successfully onboarded over 30 enterprise users, encompassing diverse industries such as e-commerce, gaming, finance, and AI. These users range from giant unicorn companies to startups, showcasing a variety in industry sectors and company scales. Across these industries, there's a shared emphasis on microservices architecture and enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Huaxing Securities' Kitex Practices in a Hybrid Cloud-Native Architecture

Huaxing Securities, a CloudWeGo enterprise user, has implemented Kitex framework to enable cross-data center communication within a hybrid cloud-native architecture. They’ve successfully established an observability system tailored for Kitex and conducted practical deployments using Kitex within and across Kubernetes clusters. Learn more

Kitex Implementation in Semir E-commerce

In recent years, the e-commerce industry has seen rapid growth, and Senma E-commerce’s online business has experienced significant expansion, encountering demands for high concurrency and performance in its operations. Senma has officially become an enterprise user of CloudWeGo. By integrating Kitex with Istio, Senma significantly enhanced its capabilities to handle high-concurrency requirements. Learn more

The Evolution of Feishu’s Admin Console Platform

Feishu’s admin console is an information management platform tailored for enterprise administrators. Through the integration of Kitex’s generalized calling capabilities, Feishu’s admin console underwent a platform-level transformation, offering a unified set of standards and common services. This realization led to the fulfillment of Feishu’s vision for the admin console as a unified digital management platform for enterprises. Learn more

CloudWeGo’s Application in Tanwan Game SDK Interface

As a gaming company, the previous PHP-based architecture encountered significant performance and stability bottlenecks. After transitioning to Go and implementing CloudWeGo, performance, stability, business flexibility, and development efficiency have all been significantly improved, achieving cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.

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Kitex’s Application in Shumei Technology’s Usability Governance

Shumei Technology primarily provides SaaS services externally and operates as a typical machine learning system internally, facing usability challenges. After implementing the Kitex framework, both usability and stability have been greatly improved.

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Founder Securities - Financial Technology Cloud-native Microservices Implementation

At the beginning of 2023, Founder Securities initiated the construction of a microservice system, involving microservice governance, observability capabilities, and interface management. The Web and RPC application frameworks adopted CloudWeGo’s Hertz and Kitex, respectively.

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Construct’s Microservice System Construction from 0 to 1 Based on Kitex + Istio

This article demonstrates Construct Company as an example to explore how they utilized the CloudWeGo framework and Istio service mesh to build an efficient and stable microservice system from scratch.

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