Hertz Release v0.7.0

In version 0.7.0 of Hertz, in addition to regular iterative optimization, we also brought several important features.

Refactor Binding

In version 0.7.0 of Hertz,we refactored the binding feature for Hertz


Description Of Refactoring

In version 0.7.0 of Hertz,we refactored the binding feature for Hertz to better support user requirements。This refactoring has the following characteristics:

  • Consistent functionality:
    • Binder: After the refactoring, we have implemented a default Binder within Hertz, which has the same functionality as before. The previous binding capabilities have been implemented as extensions under hertz-contrib.
    • Validator: We are still using go-tagexpr as the default implementation to ensure consistent functionality.
  • Converged configuration:
    • Before the refactoring, the behavior of parameter binding was mostly configured through global parameters, which could lead to conflicts when multiple components were configured.
    • After the refactoring, the binding and validation configurations are injected into the Hertz Engine through BindConfig and ValidateConfig struct using the ‘WithOption’ function. This not only unifies the configuration format but also avoids configuration conflicts.
  • Customizable Binder and Validator:
    • Custom Binder: You can use “WithCustomBinder” to inject your own custom Binder. We have already provided an extension called hertz-contrib/binding/go_tagexpr.
    • Custom Validator: You can use “WithCustomValidator” to inject your own custom Validator. We have also extended go-playground/validator for this purpose.
  • Performance improvements: The refactoring has resulted in improved binding performance compared to the previous version. Please refer to the benchmark data below for more details.


package main

import (

func main() {
    bindConfig := binding.NewBindConfig()
    bindConfig.LooseZeroMode = true
    h := server.New(server.WithBindConfig(bindConfig))

Benchmark Data


Full Release Note

The complete Release Note can refer to: