Volo Release 0.4.1

In Volo 0.4.1, in addition to the usual bugfixes, some new features have been introduced.

More detailed Thrift Decode error messages

Previous versions of Thrift Decode error messages reported only the most basic errors, without any context. For example, it contained the following structural relationships

struct A {
    1: required B b.

struct B {
    2: required C c.

struct C {
    3: required string a.

If an error occurs while decoding field a of struct C. In the previous version the error message was only reported for the field a, but in the current version the Decode error path message is reported in the process A -> B -> C, which makes it easier to catch bugs

Framework stats information

#149 adds more stats information for framework. Users can handle this data in the middleware itself, for example by logging or reporting to the monitoring system.

Support partial key listening in Discover for service discovery

#155 Support for partial key listening in Discover for service discovery, which reduces unnecessary listening and improves performance.

Full Release Note

For the full Release Notes, please refer to: Volo Changelog