Kitex Release v0.1.0


Generic Call

  • Support combined services
  • Export SetSeqID and add GetSeqID for binary generic call of server side
  • Support close generic client to avoid memory leak


  • Use key=value style in log messages
  • Use klog as global log in some logs
  • Use the global default logger across kitex
  • Print detail loginfo by ctx
  • Pass service info to go func which is used to output for troubleshooting


  • Add NewThriftCodecDisableFastMode to disable FastWrite/Read
  • Add server option - WithReusePort
  • Default rpc timeout = 0


  • Proxy add ContextHandler interface to support passing initialization context to mwBuilder
  • Register Dump in lbcache to diagnosis
  • Pass RPCConfig to proxy.Config


  • Reduce heap allocation
  • Optimize mux performance
  • Recycle grpc codec buffer by close linkbuffer
  • Distinguish ErrRPCFinish in cost info of backup request
  • Move mux.ShardQueue to netpoll, rename sharedMap to shardMap
  • Add container length encoding guard in fast api


  • Enable server error handle middleware
  • Adjust Balancer initialization in lbcache
  • Init TraceCtl when it is nil (only affect unit test)
  • Set default rpctimeout and disable timeout logic if rpctimeout == 0
  • Defaultlogger wrong calldepth
  • Rename BackwardProxy to ReverseProxy
  • Avoid nil panic in grpc keepalive
  • Fix hidden dangers about grpc
  • Fix exception missing in void method
  • Fix mistake dump info when instances change.


  • Fix link in readme_zh
  • Remove docs; maintain only

Netpoll API Change

  • Adapt netpoll.Writer.Append API

Dependency Change

  • v0.0.4 -> v0.1.2