Kitex Release v0.0.8


  • Use shard rings to reduce lock overhead in connpool.
  • Fill upstream information to rpcinfo from TTheader, for printing useful log when decode error happened.
  • Move unlink uds operation to CreateListener.
  • Replace sync.Mutex by sync.RWMutex of event.go and ring_single.go.


  • Fix netpollmux shard index overflow.
  • Remove reflection of WithCircuitBreaker option arguments to prevent data-race.
  • Fix rpc finished error may happen small probability in failure retry scenario && add sample check for retry circuit breaking.
  • Fix a test case mistake in endpoint_test.go.
  • Modify longconn variable name to conn.


  • Kitex codegen tool supports passing through thrift-go plugin arguments.


  • Use a link to the the kitex-benchmark repository to replace the performance section in README.

Dependency Change:

  • v1.8.0 -> v1.9.3