Kitex Release v0.0.5


  • Add default ErrorHandler to wrap remote error when no ErrorHandler is specified.
  • Backward metainfo is supported.
  • JSON generic call is supported. Usage guide: link.


  • Use new netpoll API to improve throughput and reduce latency for mux.
  • Backward and forward metainfo is supported for mux.
  • Client will use RPCTimeout middleware when necessary.
  • Add validity verification of idle connection in ConnectionPool.
  • QPS limiter token will be reset when QPS limit updates.
  • Reduce the deviation of QPS Limiter.


  • Fix WithExitWaitTime won’t set exit wait time correctly.
  • Fix goroutine leak when update interval of QPS limiter.
  • Use actual listen address to build registry info.


  • Fix code generating error when no stream method in protobuf file.


  • English is available for README and all other documents.
  • Guide for generic call. English | 中文
  • Landscape and Roadmap in README.

Dependency Change:

  • v0.0.3 -> v0.0.4
  • v0.0.0-20210709064845-3c00f9323f09 -> v0.0.0-20210910103821-e4efae9c17c3