A leading practice for building enterprise cloud native middleware.

CloudWeGo is an open-source middleware set launched by ByteDance that can be used to quickly build enterprise-class cloud native architectures. It contains many components, including the RPC framework Kitex, the HTTP framework Hertz, the basic network library Netpoll, thrfitgo, etc. By combining the community's excellent open source products, developers can quickly build a complete set of microservices systems. For more ecosystem,please refer kitex-contrib and hertz-contrib.


Next generation high performance, highly scalable Golang RPC framework.


High-performance, high-usability, extensible HTTP framework for Go. It's designed to simplify building microservices for developers.


High-performance NIO (Non-blocking I/O) network library, focusing on RPC scenarios.


A thrift compiler implemented by Golang supports plug-in mechanism.