CloudWeGo is a collection of middleware open-sourced by ByteDance's Infrastructure Service Framework team, designed for rapidly building enterprise-level cloud-native microservices architecture.

The common characteristics of CloudWeGo projects are high performance, high scalability, and high reliability, with a focus on microservices communication and governance.

CloudWeGo includes several key sub-projects such as Kitex, Hertz, Volo, Netpoll, Monoio, Sonic, covering both Go and Rust programming languages. From frameworks to networking libraries, encoding/decoding libraries, and serialization libraries, all are self-developed. These projects can be used independently or in combination, and a complete ecosystem has been built around them.

Ecosystem project links: Kitex-contrib, Hertz-contrib, Volo-rs.

For more project information and feature details, please refer to the project documentation, and for in-depth technical insights, check out the project news.

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CloudWeGo focuses on real enterprise user adoption, building an enterprise user support and maintenance system to continuously support new user adoption and meet the needs of existing enterprise users. Real feedback from enterprise users has driven the evolution of CloudWeGo to support diverse scenarios, enriching product capabilities and usability, enabling the project to be adopted in more scenarios and enterprises, achieving a positive feedback loop and mutual benefits.

As of the current date, Kitex & Hertz have been adopted by over 40 external enterprise users, including larger-scale adopters such as: Huaxing Securities, Founder Securities, Semir, Tanwan Games, Holomatic Technology, NEXTDATA and ZHIPU AI. Sonic has also been adopted within China Merchants Bank. Through user feedback, the adoption of CloudWeGo projects has yielded real cost, performance, and stability benefits. We welcome more enterprise users to join us and connect with the community for additional technical support.

If you are already using CloudWeGo in production, please register on the corresponding GitHub Issues: Kitex, Hertz, Volo, Sonic. Your support is greatly appreciated.

In order to create a more diverse open-source community and nurture more outstanding open-source talents, CloudWeGo has no barriers and encourages all interested developers to participate in open-source contributions. These contributors come from various industries, both domestic and international, covering different roles such as formal employees and university students. The cumulative number of code and documentation contributors has exceeded 350. Among them, 23 have been promoted from contributors to committers, 6 from committers to reviewers, and 1 from reviewers to approvers.

If you wish to contribute, please read the contributor's guide and the community membership instructions. We recommend starting your contribution journey with the Good First Issue in each project. Committers and above roles will receive certificates and community-related gifts awarded by the community.

For more community-related content, please visit the community repository.

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